Spire FM – News – ‘Remote Repair Cafe’ raises £1000 for Stars Appeal


A special version of the community group in Lover set up during lockdown has seen a huge response.

The Lover Repair Cafe opened in May 2019 and since then has taken on over 900 jobs helping fix essential items or much treasured possessions.

When the country went into lockdown it left the group without a meeting place for repairs however members were keen to continue offering a service to its mainly senior users and so a set up a drop off/ pick up service.

The Remote Repair Centre has been operating from a double garage opposite the village hall in Vicarage Road.

The team has undertaken more than 220 lockdown job only charging for any materials used.

Lover Repair Cafe secretary Paul Bromage who deals with woodwork and Chair Maurice Caustick (Electrical Engineer). 

Secretary Paul Bromage says they’ve got a lot of joy out of helping:

“It has really caught on with people walking, cycling or dropping items off when passing in their cars.  All of our Remote skilled & retired helpers work from home (which gives them pleasure in their locked down locations)
The pleasure in the doing is as great as the pleasure seen on people’s faces when they pick up finished items.”

The team say local people have been “extremely generous in their support” either offering donations to repair or donating to their fund to help staff at Salisbury District Hospital during Covid-19.


The community group has a very strong motto and will willingly give most things a go at fixing.

Lover Repair Cafe box
The team have worked their magic on lots of items

Among the items they’ve tackled, the team has:

  • Re-rigged a yacht
  • Got many clocks ticking
  • Repaired numerous sewing machines to help residents manufacture PPE equipment
  • Sharpened shears
  • Refurbished dolls houses
  • Revitalised radios

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