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The concept is so popular, in fact, that residential developers are taking notice and adding them to the list of amenities in luxury uptown buildings. While many of America’s biggest companies have freed large portions of their staff to work from home, there will always be a need for a buttoned-up corporate location for important meetings — they just don’t need to be as large as they’ve been in the past.

Working from home is not for everyone

If you have ever worked freelance or started your own business, their appeal of co-working with others is immediate: You get out of the house.

Working in your home can be nice, but it can also be full of distractions — and lonely. And while a change of scenery in a coffee shop can work, it is less than ideal if you need to make a call. Co-working spaces offer professionalism. They offer quiet and they offer a space far away from your living room.

Surround yourself with top talent

Another big benefit of co-working is you get to be around other hard-working people. In co-working spaces, you get to work alongside other professionals working toward their own goals — and being around like-minded people will keep you focused.

This is not say that the coffee-shop cohort does not have people diligently chipping away at their passion project, but you definitely weed out the undergrads “working” on their term paper or watching Baby Yoda videos on YouTube.

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