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Posted: Wed, Jun 17, 2020 12:25 PM

The effects of the COVID-19 epidemic have been far-reaching.  Now one Decorah business is changing the way it will operate in the future.

Central Square Technologies (the former TriTech office located in the Decorah Business Park) has notified all its Decorah office employees that their positions will be permanent work from home positions.  A statement from the company given to states, “CentralSquare’s Decorah office will be closing, but importantly, no jobs are being eliminated or even relocated.  All of our Decorah staff will remain employed but will transition to permanent work from home status, and continue to work from Decorah.”

All 76 employees in Decorah are affected by the change.

CentralSquare Technologies serves over 7,500 organizations with public safety and public administration software.  The company was formed by the merger of TriTech, Superion and Aptean.  TriTech had purchased the former Sweet Computers, a Northeast Iowa business which started in 2001 in West Union, and later moved to the Decorah Business Park.

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