Calling home: Rogers brings remaining customer service jobs back to Canada


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Eric Agius was told he had to relocate prior to Canada Day, and not by choice. The move, from the family cottage about two-and-a-half hours northeast of Toronto, back to his home in the Toronto suburbs, was dictated to him and his wife by one of his adult children intent on enjoying a parent-free July 1 cottage getaway with his girlfriend.

“We were asked to not show up (this) week,” Agius said, with a laugh, in advance of his eviction. “There is a calendar on the fridge at home and it is blocked out: ‘Go to the cottage. Mom and Dad — please stay home.’”

Discussions around moving, and home, have been central to Agius’ professional life for the past year. As chief customer officer at Rogers Communications, he is the architect of a plan, now fully realized, to shift 150 front-line customer-service jobs from the Philippines to its call centre hubs in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec.

With the move, all of Rogers’ call centre staff, some 7,000 workers, will be at a desk somewhere in Canada when Joe Customer calls to complain about a wonky internet connection.

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