A day in the life of an NYC early retiree during the pandemic


  • Grant Sabatier retired at age 30 with a self-made $1.25 million net worth.
  • Sabatier typically resides in Brooklyn with his wife, but they’ve been riding out the pandemic in upstate New York.
  • Last year, Sabatier’s days were filled with events and travel. This year, they’re filled with hikes and a lot of time on the porch.
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When Grant Sabatier’s wife asked him in December what he hoped for in 2020, his immediate response was “rest.”

The 34-year-old retired at age 30 with a net worth of $1.25 million. In 2019, his days were filled running his blog Millennial Money and promoting his book “Financial Freedom.” He told Business Insider that by the end of the year, he was burnt out. Thanks to quarantine, he’s finally able to get his rest.

Sabatier and his wife, who live in Brooklyn, have been riding out the pandemic in an Airbnb barn in upstate New York. “It feels like I’ve been here for years,” he said. “Time moves fast and slow at the same time.”

He spends a good chunk of his days on his screened-in porch, where he said he’s been “watching the seasons change and the world suffer.”

Sabatier said that since achieving financial independence, he’s largely been able to do what he wants. Now, he said, “So much yet so little about my day-to-day life has changed.” 

Here’s what a typical day in quarantine looks like for Sabatier.

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